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mira el cielo, mi amor, un ave inmovil

look up in the sky, my love, a stationary bird

love, jenny
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Oh, Insanity

FACT: Jenny is insane.

moment: WC 2010, life otherwise cancelled.

hobbies: photography, graphics design, making teeshirts, discovering new music, watching obscure movies, traveling, website design, room decorating, scrapbooking (but more like hoarding useless items)

movies: velvet goldmine, the history boys, fight club, amelie, les chansons d'amour, hedwig and the angry inch, trainspotting, brokeback mountain, office space, mysterious skin, harry potter, lord of the rings

musica: MGMT, vampire weekend, crystal castles, patrick wolf, belle and sebastian, beirut, islands, animal collective, of montreal, wolf parade, broken social scene, stars, sigur ros, radiohead, magnetic fields, andrew bird, girl talk, new pornographers, muse, yo la tengo, air, sunset rubdown, explosions in the sky // i am currently exploring: sondre lerche, grizzly bears, noah and the whale

tv shows: merlin, lost, skins, sytycd, project runway, antm, the office // i wish i had more time to watch: house, dr. who

team: go spain. go liverpool. ♥ Viva el futbol!

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for life's not a paragraph, and death i think is no parenthesis
-- e.e. cummings

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